Happy Accidents

happy-accidents“Happy Accidents” happen all the time with technique, but they also happen with theme and subject matter. The sharks I have painted for the show tonight, started as something I just felt like doing while painting in Southern Baja. I wanted to paint sharks because of the setting I was in and it was just a new animal to try on. I added flowers coming out of the gills because I like painting flowers. And put neon signs on the side because I thought it would be funny to dress them like Sushi restaurants, also, love painting neon signs.

The big white shark, I started painting in San Francisco in a windowless room in the middle of a big metal shop. When I started the painting, I also started an Intervention marathon. My shark quickly became a recovering junkie, doing his best to start a new life with his new adorable job, but wearing it like a wet T-shirt, uncomfortable and transparent.

This is more or less how my paintings go, because I work from one side to the other there is not a terrible lot of planning that needs to be nailed down %100, so the idea travels, little things are added in an arbitrary fashion, and the story pivots. Once the painting is finished, however, it’s easy to make all the nonsense point in the same direction to one clear point. This is human nature, and one of the great things about naming a piece of art. All those ideas and images just piled onto each other, and just one clever name ties it up like a neat little bow.

So please don’t credit me with too much depth, I may have just been watching T.V. while painting.

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